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Electrical Panels

RHM electrical panels are a natural extension and complement to our extensive line-up of fluid power systems.  Panels are designed and built for use as stand-alone products or for integration with RHM built fluid power systems.  RHM is versatile in its ability to be competitive in quoting your “build-only” panels, as well as, designing custom panels in conjunction with our design team partner, Data Acquisition & Control Systems, Inc.  Capabilities run the gamut of simple motor starters to complex data acquisition and test systems.

  • Engineering….internal staff of design engineers with global controls experience
  • Assembly….dedicated staff committed solely to panel build and test
  • Quality….every panel is fully tested using continuity testing procedures
  • Versatile….starters, MMCs, PLCs, data acquisition, diagnostics and more
  • Quick response….quote turnaround in 5 days or less…sooner if required
  • Support….backed by RHM’s 50+ year reputation as a respected market leader
  • Delivery….2 to 4 weeks as standard
  • Collaboration….partnered with Williams Distributing (UEP) and Data Acquisition & Control Systems for total design, distribution and integration expertise
  • Experience….total team effort with proven experience going back 75 years
  • Integration….expert at integrating multiple technologies on a single platform
  • Flexible….simple build-only panels or complicated controls systems
  • Single-source….one-stop for all design, engineering, build and test