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Compressed Air Applications

With Ingersoll-Rand, RHM can meet the compressed air system needs of virtually any end use application. Large or small, lubricated or oil-free, single compressor or complex installation...RHM stands ready to serve in partnership with Ingersoll-Rand. Because compressed air is widely accepted as "the fourth utility", application possibilities are endless. A brief listing of some of the industries RHM and Ingersoll-Rand serve together, include:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Food and beverage
  • Printing and packaging
  • Automotive parts, stamping and assembly
  • Power generation
  • Furniture
  • Special machinery
  • Plastics and injection molding
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies
  • Retail and service industries
  • Municipalities

As a distribution partner with Ingersoll-Rand since 1994, RHM does not simply sell compressor "iron", we sell solutions.

"Solutionizing" is Ingersoll-Rands copyrighted term for putting the design focus of compressed air systems on providing energy saving products, services and solutions. Not only do we save our customers money, we design to increase the reliability, quality and uptime of their compressed air systems. Trained by Ingersoll-Rand as a "Solutionizing" partner, RHM provides, among other things, the following engineering support services:

  • Consultative engineering and applications assistance
  • Air audits and efficiency reports
  • Energy conserving design techniques
  • Proper sizing of all compressors, filters, dryers and receiver tanks
  • Match the best control system for a given application
  • Ensure quality clean dry air
  • Optimize the installation to provide stable system pressure
  • Evaluation of precise pressure and flow requirements
  • Provide design and build of custom compressor packages
  • Draw-up package or system layouts
  • Offer diagnostic services
  • Suggest preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Leak detection of existing plant systems
  • Upgrades, rebuilds or retrofits of in-plant compressors or controls
  • Design to improve productivity and reliability
  • Reduce plant operating costs
  • Calculate return on investment or payback time
  • Match equipment options to meet budget criteria
  • Offer financing alternatives and options to capital spending
  • Training programs
  • Tap the global resources of Ingersoll-Rand when needed